Disable "power savings" features of computer?

Any suggestions and ideas are very welcome.
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Disable "power savings" features of computer?

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One problem that we sometimes have is that the customer will press the "Power Off" button or "Sleep" button on the keyboard.

Is it possible for the Kiosk Software to disable these functions?

I think maybe we can do this with the Windows control settings, but I have not been able to find where this is located. (We have already disabled the Power Savings features, but the keyboard buttons still trigger the computer to shut down.. I'm not sure why.)
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We need to find these "Power Off" button or "Sleep" button's key Code in program, and get it fix in next release ASAP. You can try to found other key board without these special keypad temperately . You can put sign to let customer do not use these key temperately ( or simple disable physically :) )
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