Convert anything or everything into coin operated, bill operated, card operated.

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Turn your old or new Internet Cafe into Coin Operated or Bill Operated (Self Service Internet Cafe)

Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Game Cafe Self Service Payment System (Coin Operated or/and Bill Operated), 1 payment system for multiple PCs. Self service payment system for multiple PCs, . It add extra US$24000-$50000 profit to your internet cafe business self service internet cafe payment system
Turn your Personal Computer into Coin Operated or Bill Operated Internet Kiosk. Software Controlled Coin-Op Kiosk System  for Internet Cafe Kiosk WS Add extra US$24000-$50000 profit to in Internet Cafe, Internet Kiosk, Game Kiosk, Video Kiosk, Software application kiosk!!! coin operated internet kiosk
Internet Cafe Software Internet Kiosk Software internet kiosk browser coin oprerated internet kiosk Free Timer Software
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Make Money by convert your old PC into Coin Op Linux Internet Kiosk!!!Internet Kiosk Browser for Linux for Universal Multi Coin Acceptor AK5
bill operated internet kiosk,note validator (US$1,5,10,20;UERO 5,10,20,50;CAD5,10,20,50; GBP5,10,20,50;  etc. about 60 country's currency. Detail contact:
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