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Weavefuture Multiple Coin Acceptor AC5
AC5 (5 coins 5 different group pulse signals)  

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Bill Acceptor (US$1, 5, 10,20 or UK5, 10,20,50 or EURO 5,10,20,50 or CAD 5, 10,20,50  

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Armed with the powerful electronic microcontroller, (like a small computer system) the AC5 can automatically identify the coin by material, thickness and diameter. AC5 is designed as simple and stupid as possible. Download Detail Manual

 Detail Manual

It designed to set 5 different output value groups at the same time; every output value set can program 10 types coins.

Different output values mean number of output pulse.

Programming the type of coin by training, When AC5 is in programming mode it memorize the data of material, thickness and diameter of the coins. When AC5 is in working mode it will recognize the coins by a complicated calculation and process these memorize data.

 There is a switch in the AC5 can adjust the accurate degree of recognizing sensitive.

The AC5 has software guard system; this guard system has alarm, which   prevent opportunistic behaviors.

1. Electronic Coin Acceptor is make as simple and stupid as possible. 
2. recognize up to 5 kinds of coins (all most all kinds of currency), for example Canadian 2$,1$,25cent,10cent,5cent will output 5 kinds of pulse signals. 
3. High recognize accuracy, for example it can easily recognize the Canadian Quarter, US Quarter, REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS 1 Piso, say good bye to mechanical coin acceptor.
4. Using the intelligent multi-function CPU system, automatically identify the coin by material, thickness and diameter
5. Can set up 5 different value groups at the same time, every value set can program 10 coins.
6. Can at any time adjust to throw the accurate degree of the currency machine, in keeping with different amenity demand.
7. The product include software guard, system this guard system has alarm system, which prevent opportunistic behaviors
8. Can connect the counter
9. It can supply digital byte output and make some modification in the output program according the customer demand. Please contact the for requirement
10. Setting Instruction Of Product:
11. single chip auto recognize system
12. Apply to coin diameter:18mm-29mm
13. Apply to coin thickness: 1.2mm-3mm
14. work voltage: DC12V (+/- 20%)
15. current in 50ma
16. CPU system identify the coin's material, thickness and diameter
17. Include software guard system
18. Can connect the counter
19. TIME SWITCH can be set to fast-25ms, medium-45ms and slow-65ms

Weavefuture Multiple Coin Acceptor