Convert anything or everything into coin operated, bill operated, card operated.

Model SC-Switch-10AMP-Washer-Dryer Turn the Normal Washer or Dryer into Smart Card operated System

To prevent tenents abusing the washer or dryer usage, SC-Switch-10AMP-Washer-Dryer, AH5-Switch(Coin Operated) or BH-Switch(bill operated) is the best solution for home onwer rent their spare rooms or basement.
Some tenants have been bringing their relatives or friends clothes,
some "neat" tenants unresonablly abuse the laundry facilities everyday if it was unlimited.
Even a normal usage over one year will cost(7 washe/week x 52 x $2 = $728), it will double or triple the cost easily if the laundry facilities are abused.

On sale now! US$99 per unit (orignal US$199, it is on sale until the end of this year) plus shipping handing Please email us your address for accurate shipping cost to

Ship to USA or Canada 3-5 business days ($27) with tracking number
Ship to International outside of USA and Canada 3-8 business days by EMS ($79) with tracking number
Ship to International outside of USA and Canada 6-8 business days by airmail ($39) without tracking number
please add US$15 shiping fee for each addition unit.
If you want the new order of Card Reader work with the previous order or Card Reader, please send email to let us know your previous order transaction number and date, so we can make the new Card Readers to be compatible with old system.
    How to Setup
  1. There are 2 wires come out from the AH5-Switch or BH5-Switch or SC-Switch
  2. All washer or dryer have lid(door switch) build in. A lid switch (door switch) is a simple on/off mechanism that prohibits the dryer from operating when the door is open. It will be located around the door opening in the front panel. You may be able to pop the switch out of place, or remove it by removing only a single screw. If you are unable to remove your dryer's door switch this way, you will have to remove the front panel of your washer or dryer. When lid is down(door close) the switch is close , so the washer or dryer can run. When lid id up(door open) the switch is open , so the washer or dryer is stop.
  3. Wahser or Dryer lid switch (door switche) is a little over an inch long. Many are white in color and all have metal prongs, called terminals, extending out from the body of the switch. Some lid switch (door switch) has only two metal prongs extending from the body, while others have three. Those with three terminals will have a common (COM) terminal, a normally closed (N.C.) terminal, and a normally open (N.O.) terminal. Those switches with only two terminals will have either a common terminal and a normally open terminal, or a common terminal and a normally closed terminal. Find the wire connects to COM terminal PIN and then cut it in somewhere and then connect the 2 wires from the coin controller box.Locate your dryer's door switch. Please also make sure use the same power rated wires as or higher power rated wires (maximum more than 10AMP) than the Dryer's or Washer's door switches' wires if they are different.
  4. The product AH5-Switch or BH5-Switch or SC-Switch, connect to the lid switch in serial. Find the lid switch’s COM side wire (NO side wire is also OK) and cut it into to 2 ends and then connect those 2 ends to the AH5-Switch or BH5-Switch or SC-Switch all have 2 wires. The new washer or dryer’s lid switch may have more than 2 wires, use ohm meter to find the lid switch ( ohm meter show near zero when lid close and infinity when lid open).
  5. The lid switch is close in normal operation. When insert money or credits to the AH5-Switch or BH5-Switch or SC-Switch, it will close the connection and washer or dryer will run.
  6. When paid time expired, The AH5-Switch or BH5-Switch or SC-Switch will open the connection and the washer or dryer will stop
  7. Following are 2 typical lid switch(door switch). The new washer or dryer's lid switch (door switch may have more terminals or wires, you may need to following online instruction and use ohm meter to find the COM wire.
  1. Easy to setup:
    options 1. Control the lid switch (door switch). In this recommaned solution customer know if the washer or dryer is working and see the light of control panel of the wahser or dryer and choose the washer or dryer cycling.
    Cut the one of the wires (not the ground wire) of lid (door) switch to 2 ends, connect the those 2 cut ends to the 2 wires of the Card Reader.
    options 2. Control the power of the washer or dryer
    Cut the hot wire of the power cord of the wahser or dryer into 2 ends, connec those 2 cut ends to the 2 wires of the Card Reader.
    More Details
  2. Total Money Counts Auditing
  3. Minimum start time charges.
  4. There is alarm will sound and LED will flash in the last 60 seconds (can be change)
    SC-Switch-Washer-Dryer-10AMP, it include:
  1. 1 Card Reader
  2. 10 pieces customer cards,
    They are used by customer to pay for usage time, it default load with 80 time credit ($20 value, this can be change by store owner), when the customer tap customer card on the card reader it will deduct the 1 credit ($0.25 value, this can be change by store owner) from the card, also give customer 5 minutes(this can be change by store owner) time to use Washer or Dryer.
  3. 1 administrator card, 1 configuration card.
    They are use only by store owner to change or to add or reload credits to Customer Cards for customers. change configuration of card read (change default values, change the minuets per credit, est..)
  4. Switch Power Adapter PA-5 110VAC-240VAC input, 5VD output, power surge protection
    How to use the system:
  1. Customer purchase Customer Card with 80 game credit with $20
  2. Customer tap the Customer Card once the the Card Read deduct 1 game credit from card and give customer 5 minutes to use the washer or dryer.
  3. The paid time shows on the timer or Card Reader, timer start counting down, the Card Reader enable the door switch or the washer or dryer, so the customer can use the washer or dryers.
  4. The timer start to flash and beep within last 60 seconds(can be changed) to alarm the customer drop more money to continue use the washer or dryer.
  5. cusotmer can continue to use the wahser or dryer by tapping the Customer Card on the Card Reader.
  6. Whenever the time count down to 0 , the disconnect the door switch so the washer or dryer, so the cutomer could not use the washer or dryer
Terms and Conditions: All products have 1 year warrant for repairing or exchange only. All products are custom made and with no return for refund policy. .