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Model SC-Wired-Controller-Xbox-one-360-PS4-PS3-USB, turn the XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE ,Xbox one, Play Station 3(or Play Station 4)  into Self Service Money Maker System,

The different between the model SC-Wireless-Controller-Xbox-One/360-PS4/PS3-HDMI and this model is this model control wired controller or you need to convert the wireless controller into wired controller by taking the battery of the wireless controller and connect USB charge cable.

Contactless Smart Card Reader HDMI for Xbox 360 Xbox One Playstation3 Playstation 4
If you are return customer and want the this Card Reader work with the original system please let us know your previous order transaction number  in the PayPal notes, when make purchase or send us email when make purchase.
The model SC-wired-Controller-Xbox-One-360-PS4-PS3-USB ,
also include:
1 Card Reader
10 units customer cards,
1 administrator card, 1 configuration card.

Customer cards are used for customer to play the game, it default load with 80 game credit ($20 value, this can be change by store owner), when the customer tap customer card on the card reader it will deduct the 1 credit ($0.25 value, this can be change by store owner) from the card, also give customer 5 minutes(this can be change by store owner)  time to use XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE , Xbox One, PS3(or PS4) or PS4.

1 administrator card, 1 configuration card. are use only for store owner to change or to add credits for customer. change configuration of card read (change  default values, change the minuets per credit, est..)

more detail check below.
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1 unit on sale now $119 (original US$199 ) plus shipping & handing (6-10 business day US$95  please add extra U$20 shipping cost for each additional unit. for most country, however some country may be more expensive shipping cost.  Please email us your address for accurate shipping cost to

Need more Customer Cards, you can order from here
How it works:
The simplest system include Game Card Reader, 10 pieces Customer Cards (can be purchase more later) , 1 Administrator Card, 1 Configuration Card
Game Card Reader is used to control the wired controller USB cables of the Xbox One/360, or PS3/PS4,  read Customer Card, show count down time.
Customer Cards are sold to customers (default has 80 game credit for $20, for example), customer use it like token to play the game.
Administrator Card is used to check customer card, load credits for Customer Card.
Configuration Card combine with Administrator Card are use to change the configuration of Card Reader.
  1. Customer purchase Customer Card for example, with 80 game credit with $20
  2.  Customer tap the Customer Card once the the Card Read deduct 5 game credit from card and give customer 5 minutes play time for Xbox360, Xbox One, Play Station 3 or Play Station 4.
  3. The paid time shows on the timer or Card Reader, timer start counting down, the Card Reader enable wired controller' USB cable to Xbox360, Xbox One, Play Station 3 or Play Station 4,  the customer can play the game.
  4. The timer start to flash and beep within last 60 seconds(can be changed) to alarm the customer drop more money to play.
  5. Whenever the time count down to 0 ,  the wired controller disabled, so the customer could not see the game and play t the game
  6. We suggest the other model which can support wireless controller


  1. Easy to setup and it is Plug and Play:

  2. It include Male-Male USB extension cable with the box and this box has 2 Female USB ports.
    A. Connect the wired controller to this Box,
    B. Male-Male USB extension cable from Game Console to this Box.
  3. Then you convert the Xbox-One/360, PS3(or PS4),  into coin operated system.
  4. Auditing total money counter.
  5. Owner can user Administrator card  to get total money count from card reader
  6. Minimum start time charges.
  7. Owner can use Administrator Card and Configuration Card to add money to the Customer Cards
  8. Very strong box.
  9. There is alarm will sound  and LED will flash in the last  60 seconds (can be change)
  10. Include Switch Power Adapter PA-5 110VAC-240VAC input, power surge protection
  11. Easy to use for customers:   like payphone
  12. owner can setup any time  per credit  (from 1 seconds to 99 hours) 
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The coin acceptor and note validator/bill acceptor accept allmost all country's currency.

North American:  US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, etc.

European:  Belgium, German, France, Spain, UK, Island, Czech Republic, England, Iceland, Italy, Norway, etc.

Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, etc. and many more.

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