Convert anything or everything into coin operated, bill operated, card operated.

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The following pictures are given by one of our UK customers. Thanks your very much to give us these pictures and let us to use them.

These pictures show the best way to setup  an internet cafe kiosk by using our multiple Coin acceptor AK5 with our software.

Coin operated Internet Cafe in Northampton,
United Kingdom. (click the pictures for larger photo)
Coin op XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE , Play station 3, Play Station 2, Game Center
So cool!
This is so brilliant!

"This is one from inside the cabinets before we sealed them, it shows the coin run aka drain pipes which take the coins into the basement and away from the kiosks. We needed this as this shop is not staffed for most of the day."

Coin operated Internet Kiosk in waiting area using AK5 with coin box
Coin Operated internet Cafe Operated by customer in Canada.

Coin Operated internet Kiosk Table made by customer in Greece
Coin Operated internet Kiosk Table made by customer in Greece
Coin operated Internet cafe
Coin operated PS3
Click for larger picture using AH5-PS2

without coin box

 to convert Play Station 2  into coin operated

AH5-PS3(or PS4) without coin box

to convert Play Station 3  into coin operated

The telephone in the pictures is for customer using Skype and MSN to chat


Our current Customers are in following countries,

North American:  US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, etc.

European:  Belgium, German, France, Spain, UK, Island, Czech Republic, England, Iceland, Italy, Norway ,etc.

Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, Cyprus etc.

We provide our products to:



.Internet Cafe

.Internet Kiosk

.Car Wash

.Water dispenser

.any other power devices