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Contactless Weavefuture Customer Card (Smart Card) for BOX 360 or XBOX ONE ,Xbox one, Play Station 3(or Play Station 4) or Wii U , Cashless Self Service Money Maker System,

Contactless Smart Cards
200 Units Weavefuture Customer Cards (Contactless Smart Cards)
 on sale for only $149
If you are return customer and want the card work with the original system please let us know your previews order transaction number  in the PayPal notes, when make purchase or send us email when make purchase.
Ship to USA or Canada:

 US$199 per 200 pieces and now on sale only US$149 per 200 pieces plus  US$35 for the first 200 pieces and US$20 for each additional 200 piece.

Canada Customer can pay by Canadian

Ship to  International outside of USA and Canada:
US$199 per 200 pieces and now on sale only US$145 per 200 pieces plus  US$95 for the first 200 pieces and US$40 for each additional 200 piece. Some countries may need more shipping fee

Please email us your address for accurate shipping cost to

What is Weavefuture Customer Card?
 Weavefuture Customer Card is special made and  can only be used in our Weavefuture Smart Card System or products, it use by customer to play the cashless self service console game
The simplest Weavefuture Smart System include Game Card Reader, 10 pieces Customer Cards (can be purchase more later) , 1 Administrator Card, 1 Configuration Card
Game Card Reader is used to control the HDMI cables of the TV, read Customer Card, show count down time.
Customer Cards are sold to customers (default has 80 game credit for $20, for example), customer use it like token to play the game.
Administrator Card is used to check customer card, load credits for Customer Card.
Configuration Card combine with Administrator Card are use to change the configuration of Card Reader.
  1. Customer purchase Customer Card with 80 game credit with $20
  2.  Customer tap the Customer Card once the the Card Read deduct 5 game credit from card and give customer 5 minutes play time for Xbox360, Xbox One, Play Station 3(or Play Station 4) or Play Station 4.
  3. The paid time shows on the timer or Card Reader, timer start counting down, the Card Reader enable the game console and the customer can play the game.
  4. The timer start to flash and beep within last 60 seconds(can be changed) to alarm the customer drop more money to play.
  5. Whenever the time count down to 0 ,  disable the game console and the customer could not play the game
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